Looking for "Miners"

Overall: My offer is only about my potential and competencies (complex, universal and unconventional), probable an important resource, more important than petroleum, gold or diamond ..... no matter, .... because is human - intellectual, spiritual, innovative.

Of course we can consider too, at this point, all of our realizations, till now:

The problem is "How we can exploit and capitalize this resource, for benefits of us and of our partners (just potential partners at this time, unfortunately)"​.

The main keywords is

{We have "natural" resources. Who have the start-up money?}.

If we find the right answer for this gold question ..... can be .... boom. In a positive and valuable way :)

Trust me!


Because we have no resources to pay for the services, fees and other costs, international and national, the only solution is to find partners for licensing or partners for a consortium for patenting and exploitation.

We receive letters of intent and proposals at ignic@aa1.ro

Patenting tracking  Oc tober 2016


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application of microprocessors --- appsOFm'proc

application of microprocessors - search --- appsOFm'proc - photos

How many people in the World use digital devices with microprocessors to home, on the street or at work – in services, industry, construction, agriculture, …., in private, public or governmental institutions?

How many devices, like above, use every week any people from above?

The “life” of digital devices are 3-7 years. A people use this devices in about 50-70 years. This mean 10-14 cycles of 5 years/cycle.

How many devices use any people from above in a life?

How many devices which work with a microprocessor need to produce in a century?  
How many devices which work with a microprocessor need to produce in 20 years (period of validity foar a patent, a big injustice in fact)?

Any devices from above can benefit from our invention, every day or week,

from now till ..... forever, probably



there IS the future


RO National application

Abstract of the invention was published in BOPI by OSIM

bopi_inv_07_2016.pdf - page 41 - H03M 7/30

For Abstract in English please write to ignic@aa1.ro

August 2016


April 2016 - end of life  :)

PCT reg.#




Life goes on, with we or whitout! :)

This project, too

We still have a big chance. For a while.

Involve you today! to benefit tomorrow and for a long time, perhaps

contact us! ignic@aa1.ro

January 2016


November 2015

greatOpportunity – One time in a Life … happens

a bilion project ....

Involve you quickly! regrets are tardy

We give money on games (including gambling), the lottery tickets, the priest or the church (which anyway is rich), beggars on the street (poor or rich), foundations that do not have whole online accounting and do not justify the use of funds. And for many others who obviously not works directly, dedicated and efficient for our good, for our health, for our security, for our convenience, for our development, for civilization and progress.

How doing research, innovation, Iventa. Our first source of happiness and welfare.

Dear ALL,

I have the pleasure to announce an important opportunity for development. This is about our invention

"Method and electronic system for digital encode and decode of data in informatics, automation and communication equipments"

which make the subject of our patent request with OSIM no. a2014 01000 from 17 December 2014 (A/10041/2014 electronic transmission registration).  This invention offer important advantages.

You can see here a simple business example calculation.

We discover with lateness about a law section which say we must start international patent procedure before 12 months from statutory date. Because we don't have the necessary resources to do this, because we worked in the invention without commercial activities in recent years, we inform you about this and we ask if you wish to be sponsor for our request or to become partner for international patent procedure and for exploitation of this invention. If we not start procedure, we will lose the protection for our invention and all benefits for us and our potential partners.

You can contact us for information at: ignic@aa1.ro


For additional information, as usual, we must sign an Non-disclosure agreement, before this. Here, here and here is some forms. Here some info's.

OSIM doc's


Ionel Gabriel Niculescu - ignic.aa1.ro

How much money is lost in business in almost countless situations such as:
-tender book Auction
-protocol expenses
-diverse sponsorships
-sponsorship campaign trail
-Marketing Campaign
-Lobby actions

-HR Campaign
-management problems
-discipline problems of staff
-uninspired acquisitions
-currency exchange losses


And for WHAT?
Just for HOPING to benefit.
nvest for long-term benefits in our project!

an other active project is - ROboLIB